Using HTML and CSS with WordPress

Any WordPress theme has the capability to be configured differently than intended by the author of the theme. However, this can be cumbersome, depending on which theme you are trying to edit. And WordPress, by nature does not make editing the CSS code easy. And theme updates can also erase alterations you have made to the style sheet(s). There is one theme, though, that builds into its structure a flexible CSS setup that allows you to alter at will very specific areas of the website, and does it in a way that is fairly easy to understand for the beginner. The theme I am talking about is called Weaver, and it should be easily obtained for anyone who has an active WordPress site or blog.

What makes Weaver special is that it allows the user a multitude of intelligent choices to alter the design of the site. A beginner can simply make the choices it gives, in terms of color, size, special effects, etc. Plus it has many functional aspects, such as what ancillary info about each post you want to display, hiding titles and tags you may not want to display, and so forth. In essence, it allows you to make a WordPress site look more like a website, and not a blog. And, of course, you can still have a separate blog attached to the site.

More advanced users can use its many options in regard to adding, or altering the CSS of the site. Many of the nodules for affecting the appearance of the site, also have optional dialog boxes that allow for additional CSS code. This is a huge plus in the ability to position and size things the way you want. And it doesn’t stop there. There are additional codings areas for the head area of the site for additional CSS styling, Google Analytics code, and other features you may need to add.

Through my next series of blog entries, I am going to concentrate on showing the beginner how to successfully operate a WordPress site. I will start with some basics, though, about how HTML and CSS work, and how they work together. I will demonstrate later in the series how you can use html and css in your WordPress theme, but more specifically, a site with the Weaver theme installed.

Anyone with an active WordPress site should be able to install the Weaver theme any time they want and just start adjusting the settings. If you know HTML and CSS, you should immediately recognize the nature of this theme. In making its choices of settings to choose, the developer did it with design at the forefront. If you don’t know HTML and CSS, there will still be plenty of variables and design choices, right at your fingertips. Come back to learn about HTML and CSS though, as it will only enhance your experience greatly.

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