WordPress as a Platform for Restaurant Websites

When designing a website for a restaurant, WordPress along with the right theme, can deliver the goods as far as page organization and content management. And what is the most important content in a restaurant’s website? Well, the menu, of course! WordPress does a fantastic job of categorizing your menu items, and then displaying them in the manner you want, and where you want them, within the site.

It does this by using a post system that can be categorized. This categorization allows certain WordPress themes to create pages dedicated only to a specific category. Regions can also be designated within a page, and designed to display posts of other specific categories. For instance, an area on the home page could be designated to daily, weekly, or today’s special, perhaps. The categorization system would allow the owner, manager, or designated staff person change what appears in the special area, simply by re-categorizing items as “specials”. Items may have two categories at one time, so designating one item special, making it appear on the home page, would not make it disappear from the area of the website it is normally on anyway.

As an example, we can take one item, lets say a ham and cheese omelette. Normally this would appear on the breakfast page of the website, or perhaps on a page just for omelettes. So lets say it is already designated with a category called “Omelettes”. If I designate it the category “specials” also, it would then appear on the Specials area that I designated on the home page. And so you have one item showing up in two places, which is pretty nice because if you make a change to the item, for instance, changing the price to reflect the special, the price change will occur no matter where the item is displayed.

Sites designed to display a restaurant’s menu can also be designed to adapt itself to mobile devices, especially mobile phones. This setup requires no effort on the part of the user other than navigating to your site on their device. There is no app to download to make the site user-friendly on mobile devices, it simply converts to the correct format when someone views the site on their particular device.

A Word About Directories

Many directories will now publish menus of local restaurants as part of their regular listing. The problem is, however, that sometimes this information can be wrong. It is important for any restaurant to have firm control over their internet presence with their own, user-friendly, and accurate website.

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