Designing and Managing Your Own Website

Outward Image offers clients the opportunity to design, configure and manage their own websites. We can design it all for you and instruct you on the basic operation, but that is more expensive, and you don’t learn as much about the site. We offer additional training and consultation after the initial 2 hours for those who need, or just want the additional help. It would certainly be possible to spend just as much by learning it yourself, but you would also have a much greater knowledge of the site and what you can do it with it to enhance your business opportunities.

The $99 package includes a full and complete set up of a WordPress site, with a specific theme installed that will make it much easier for you to design and configure the site. I will set up the site for free initially, to your domain on an Outward Image host server. I will give some basic instruction of the site, where things are, the basic functions, etc. You will then have 5 days to explore the site to see it seems a good fit for you. If you decided on the additional instruction, you pay the $99 package fee, and you get two hours of instruction on the site. The time may be split up into smaller segments, and includes a personal visit if desired. Otherwise, it is all handled by phone.

If you choose not to keep it, you pay nothing and the site is taken down. Absolutely no risk!

How does this compare to Intuit and other “quick” website programs?

There are other quick website programs out there that promise an inexpensive, quick website. But these are often payment programs, or the sites are inferior in capability, design options, etc. Outward Image does not own the website platform it teaches you on. WordPress is open source web software that is supported by a worldwide community of web designers and developers. It’s functionality is unlimited to the imagination and technical skills of this community. WordPress can be modified by anyone through the use of themes and plugins that can be installed to change the entire nature of the website.

If you are not a programmer, and you cannot find the specific function you need for your website, a programmer can be hired to add that functionality to the WordPress platform. Once you have paid for the code, however, that code is owned by you, unless you choose to share it with the world. But WordPress already has a multitude of plugins available that cater to a very wide range of needs by WordPress site owners.

At Outward Image, we have already test-run several different themes and plug-ins that are available, and believe we have a strong assortment to choose from to give your site the look and function you need to make your business grow.

Now, I don’t want to mislead to say that a WordPress site is totally free. No website is ever totally free, as you need to purchase and register a domain name, and any website requires a hosting account. But you should pay less with a WordPress site than you would with any other paid service, like Intuit. Also, creators of plug-ins may ask for donations, and you may want to give them something for the really cool feature or function they allowed you to have on your website, but most times even this is voluntary.

The real advantage to a WordPress site, though, is this community and versatility. When confined with a merchandised product, you are strictly limited to what that company offers in support of that product. With a WordPress site, you are virtually unlimited as to what functionality you may add to your site, even custom additions with the help of developers you hire. None of that is possible in a site by Intuit, or other free platforms, such as Google or GoDaddy.


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